Are Your Snowmobile Pants Waterproof?

Finding just the right pair of snowmobile pants can be tough. Choose wrong, and you’re faced with a wet, disappointing snowmobile outing. But if you choose wisely, you’ll be well on your way to a pair of warm, comfortable pants that will keep your legs dry and see you through hours of … [Read more...]

Back on Track: Joey Fjerstad on Racing After His Injury, What Drives Him and Why He Needs a New Nickname

For ice oval snowmobile racer Joey Fjerstad, this racing season was almost over before it even started. Late in November, he was on his family’s property in Northern Minnesota participating in his annual pre-season hunting trip with his team. Things took a scary turn when, while racing ATVs with his … [Read more...]

Don’t Overlook Your Snowmobile’s Skis and Tracks

While your sled’s plastic skis and snowmobile track allow for movement in all types of snow, it’s your suspension system as a whole that provides a smooth ride. If you’ve purchased a used snowmobile, it’s important to make sure this system is functioning properly before you venture out on your first … [Read more...]

Tips and Tricks for Expert Snowmobile Track Studding

Whether you are concerned about safety or just want to optimize your sled’s performance, studding your snowmobile track is a great way to increase traction and control. Contrary to popular belief, studs aren’t just for racers. They can help keep any rider safer in icy conditions, particularly when … [Read more...]

Snowmobile Survival Checklist: Hope for the Best, but Be Prepared for the Worst

When you picture a day out on the trails, that picture doesn’t normally include breaking down, encountering an avalanche or generally getting stranded. We hope those things never happen to you, but in case they do, being prepared can literally mean the difference between life and death. Quick … [Read more...]

Picture Yourself Snowmobiling in Cadillac, Michigan

If you like your snowmobiling with a side of relaxation and socialization, Cadillac, Michigan, should be your next snowmobile destination. Cadillac boasts over 200 miles of continuous trails within the Manistee National Forest, which connects with other systems for over 600 additional miles of … [Read more...]

Braaap It Up: The Top Christmas Gifts for Snowmobilers

Not sure what to get the snowmobilers on your Christmas list? We have plenty of items they’d love to see under the tree. And if you’re a sledder as well, you may want to add some of these to your wish list, too! Top 5 Most-Wanted Snowmobile Gifts KLIM Arctic Balaclava - Even the most extreme … [Read more...]

FXR Mission X Series: The Ultimate Crossover Gear for Snowmobiling

Sure, there are plenty of people who stay on the neatly groomed snowmobile trails, but you’re not one of those people, are you? Sometimes the mountains call your name, or an off-road adventure beckons. You need gear that can easily go from the trails to the mountains and back again. Look no … [Read more...]

Keep the Kids Safe While Sledding and Skiing

Remember praying for snow days as a kid? There was the excitement of unexpectedly being off school and getting to sled and play in the snow all day. I can remember my mom insisting that we layer up and keep ourselves well covered before heading outside. As a kid, I thought she was being … [Read more...]

Get Your Snowmobile Ready for the First Ride with Our Checklist

Nothing can ruin a fun day out on the trails like a snowmobile that just won’t braaap. The best way to deal with breakdowns is to never have them in the first place, and the best way to do that is to give your sled a good pre-season checkup. When and How to Service Your Sled The best time to … [Read more...]

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