Snowmobile Tracks and Skis

Don’t Overlook Your Snowmobile’s Skis and Tracks

While your sled’s plastic skis and snowmobile track allow for movement in all types of snow, it’s your suspension system as a whole that provides a smooth ride. If you’ve purchased a used snowmobile, it’s important to make sure this system is functioning properly before you venture out on your first ride.

Getting to Know Your Snowmobile’s Suspension System

Whether you purchased it used from someone you know locally or found it for sale online, you’ll want to prep your new ride to provide hours of enjoyment on the trails or in the mountains. Part of that preparation is making sure your skis are in proper working order and that the tracks will perform as they should. Be sure to look at each of the following items:

Snowmobile Tracks – A track made from light yet durable rubber that supplies the agility and speed you want to move on soft, unstable or slippery terrain—in short, the snowy and icy conditions you encounter while snowmobiling. Proper storage, especially during the off-season, is critical to prevent dry rot and weathering, which can result in fine cracks in the track’s rubber. Check the track of the snowmobile to ensure it has not been ravaged by these conditions.

Snowmobile Skis – Usually made of composite plastic or even metal, skis steer the snowmobile through the snow. According to the Safe Riders Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program, skis must be maintained and kept in proper alignment or your snowmobile will become difficult to steer. Make sure your pre-loved sled has skis properly aligned to allow for fluid steering.

Snowmobile Shocks – Just like your car or truck, your snowmobile’s shocks are important for a comfortable ride. They may use springs, hydraulics or both. We offer top-quality Fox Float II Ski Shocks, as well as a Fox Shock Upgrade Kit to give you the type of ride you’re looking for with your new-to-you snowmobile.

A used sled can still have many miles and fun left in it. Make sure yours is ready for anything with upgraded shocks and properly maintained track and skis.

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