Waterproof Snowmobile Pants

Are Your Snowmobile Pants Waterproof?

Finding just the right pair of snowmobile pants can be tough. Choose wrong, and you’re faced with a wet, disappointing snowmobile outing. But if you choose wisely, you’ll be well on your way to a pair of warm, comfortable pants that will keep your legs dry and see you through hours of riding.

Waterproof Snowmobile Pants Defined

Snowmobile pants can carry varying levels of being “impervious to water,” as the term “waterproof” is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary. At some point or another, you’ve probably purchased an article of clothing or outdoor equipment that was touted as waterproof, but ended up being anything but. Here’s what the different terms mean:

Water Resistant – This level will provide the least amount of protection against the snow. In short, your snowmobile pants will feel dry for a while, but eventually the fabric will become saturated.

Water Repellent – This level of waterproofing is defined as “not easily penetrated by water.” This type of fabric usually has a surface coating that helps keep moisture from soaking through the fabric.

Waterproof – This type of fabric should keep water out, due to an added coating that is bonded to the fabric. But different companies rate waterproofing using different scales and testing isn’t standardized. Make sure the product description explains what level you’re getting.

To help you make your decision, keep in mind that the best snowmobile pants feature fabric that’s also breathable. If it isn’t, even if the outer fabric repels water, you’ll feel wet when you break a sweat during your ride. That’s where pants made from durable water repellent (DWR) fabric come into play.

DWR provides the best of both worlds, keeping pants dry both inside and out so you remain comfortable no matter how harsh the conditions. Castle X snowmobile pants, available in both men’s and women’s styles, are made from DWR fabric, and they also include Ven-Tex® 1.0 coated shells that aid in breathability while keeping snow out.

While you can often add shoulder straps to your pair of snowmobile pants, you can also consider snowmobile bibs, which feature the same types of fabrics and level of waterproofing.

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