Snowmobile Survival Kit Checklist

Snowmobile Survival Checklist: Hope for the Best, but Be Prepared for the Worst

When you picture a day out on the trails, that picture doesn’t normally include breaking down, encountering an avalanche or generally getting stranded. We hope those things never happen to you, but in case they do, being prepared can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Quick Survival Tips

It’s typically recommended that you should not ride alone if possible. Whether riding alone or with a group, be sure to have mobile devices charged, and consider GPS units and satellite phones.

Should you become stranded, the most important thing is to stay calm, according to the Safe Riders Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program. Don’t try to brave the conditions. If possible, find shelter where you are and conserve energy, water and food.

Of course, you want to be sure to keep emergency supplies with you at all times. Use this checklist, or download a pdf version below, to help you build a survival kit with everything you need.


Snowmobile Survival Checklist


Download a Printable PDF


Taking a little extra time to create your snowmobile survival kit can literally be a lifesaver. Plan to have fun, but prepare for the unexpected!

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Sources: Essurance, USDA, Safe Riders Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program


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