Pyrenees ATV tour

Pyrenees, the Hidden Treasure of Europe

If you plan on visiting Europe you probably want to see the sites. You may want to shop in Paris (at least the window variety!), visit the wine country of Italy, Scotland Yard and Big Ben, but what about the breathtaking natural beauty of Europe? In the Pyrenees, there lies the most beautiful stretches of land, described by some as “one of Europe’s last great wilderness areas.” This area is full of mountains, rivers, and forests located near the Mediterranean Sea. But how will you see this large stretch of land? How about from the back of an ATV?

In Europe, there are tour groups that take daily trips to see the wilderness of the Pyrenees.  If you pair up with a guide, you can ride some of the most spectacular and oldest routes in the Pyrenees. These trips vary in length, ranging from one day to several days with overnight trips available. What could bring a family together more than an ATV trip through these beautiful lands? Plan your trip in advance though, as these tours are only offered between April and October.

As you can imagine, a trip of this type can be pricey, with personal tours costing the most. Consider asking friends and family to join you to cut down on the expenditure: The larger the group, the cheaper it will be.

Either way, this is an experience you will not soon forget. Seeing the Pyrenees from the top of a mountain or from the base of the forest will leave you breathless. And don’t forget to be prepared for any weather conditions you might encounter with outdoor clothing and accessories.

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