3 Reasons to Choose a KLIM Suit for Your Snowmobile Adventures

With a brand known for quality like KLIM, you really can’t go wrong with any of their products. KLIM’s snow suits are no different. It’s one of the reasons we carry and recommend them to riders. While choosing a suit is a very personal experience and riders are often swayed by style or features of a … [Read more...]

Product Spotlight: Why I Love the KLIM Adrenaline GTX Snowmobile Boot

There’s nothing worse than cold, wet feet while snowmobiling. If you’re looking for a great, all-purpose boot that will keep you not only dry but comfortable as well, I personally recommend my go-to: the KLIM Adrenaline GTX. If you’ve been ‘biling for a while, you’re probably familiar with this … [Read more...]

Be Responsible When Camping in the Wilderness

Dave Collins, from CleverHiker.com, shares the importance of camping responsibly in the wilderness. One of the greatest feelings about camping is finding that perfect spot. It's just one of those spots that makes you feel as if you were the first to set foot on that piece of land. As you look … [Read more...]

Pyrenees, the Hidden Treasure of Europe

If you plan on visiting Europe you probably want to see the sites. You may want to shop in Paris (at least the window variety!), visit the wine country of Italy, Scotland Yard and Big Ben, but what about the breathtaking natural beauty of Europe? In the Pyrenees, there lies the most beautiful … [Read more...]

4 Things to Consider When Riding Your Powersports Vehicle

Hartley G. Lesser brings us some tips for powersports vehicle adventures in this guest post. Powersports vehicles can be more fun when a rider takes into account the experience of others who enjoy the same sport, whether you ride a snowmobile, an ATV, dirt bike or off-road motorcycle. Without … [Read more...]

3 Ways Your Motorcycle Helmet Protects You

Modern motorcycle helmets are not only designed for safety, but for comfort and style as well. Today’s helmets are made from plastics and are often reinforced with Kevlar or a carbon fiber. For comfort and protection, they generally have fabric and foam interiors allowing for a snug and comfortable … [Read more...]

3 Features to Look for in a Premium Snowmobile Helmet

If you’ve ever looked into buying a new snowmobile helmet, you know the options can seem overwhelming. Full or open face? With electric heat shield or without? Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just new to the sport of snowmobiling, you want to choose the helmet that will best meet your needs while … [Read more...]

4 Things to Look for When Selecting Snowmobile Clothes

Snowmobile? Check. Snowmobile helmet? Check. Waterproof, insulated, breathable, durable snowmobile clothes? Hmm, not so much. Of course you need a snowmobile that’s in proper working order, not only to enjoy the mountain trails, but one that won’t break down and leave you stranded miles away from … [Read more...]

Enjoy Nature on the Great Western Trail by ATV

While still a work in progress, the Great Western Trail traverses 4,455 miles and five states from the Canadian to Mexican border, offering fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities. The trail includes many pre-existing trails including those for motorized and non-motorized vehicles. One of the … [Read more...]

Experience the Great Outdoors—Tips for All Seasons

Perhaps you need to get out of your routine a little and try something outdoors that can help get your mind off the stresses of daily life. Outdoor activities can make a world of difference for your attitude. Nothing relieves stress like a long hike through your favorite state park, an exciting … [Read more...]

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