Womens snowmobile suits have come a long way.

Not Your Grandfather’s Snowmobile Suit!

Snowmobile suits have come a long way since the birth of the modern recreational snowmobile in the 1950s. While the sport was heavily male-dominated in the early days, it’s now an activity that men, women and kids enjoy participating in together.

Just as snowmobiles have become more technologically advanced over the years, so has the gear and clothing. Instead of giant over-stuffed goose down parkas, you can choose from one-piece snowmobile suits or a combination of jacket and bibs or pants that utilize modern fabrics and insulation technology. It’s easier than ever to make sure your entire family has a snowmobile suit that will keep them warm and dry on the trails. Let’s take a look at what you should pay attention to when selecting snowmobile suits for the men, women and kids in your family.

Snowmobile Suits for Kids

No one wants to deal with a cold, whiny kid when out on the trial. We can’t guarantee there won’t be any whining, but we can help you keep your kids warm by choosing the right snowmobile suit. Opinions may vary on this, but many parents agree that a one-piece snowmobile suit is the way to go. A one-piece suit doesn’t have a break near the waist that could allow cold air in, therefore helping to keep them warmer on a long outing. Many parents also like that a one-piece suit can be easier for a child to get in and out of on their own.

Snowmobile Suits for Women

womens snowmobile suit

When it comes to women’s snowmobile suits, I think these have come the farthest from the early days! Many of the early suits were unisex or had a female version, but they were the same color or pattern as the men’s.

Not anymore! Women can rejoice because they have a lot more stylish options to choose from now. It’s not just the colors that have changed to appeal to women. Modern snowmobile suits for women also had been designed to provide a better fit for a female body type.

Snowmobile Suits for Men

You may think it would just be women concerned about what they look like while snowmobiling. Not so! Just take a peek in some of the snowmobile forums, and you’ll find discussion threads debating the fashion merits of snowmobile suits and gear, and also whether or not people look like gangsters or clowns in certain gear. It’s just as much a personal style decision for men as it is for women, which is why modern suits come in many more styles and patterns than previous generations.

However, it’s more than just style that men are interested in. They also want something that’s going to be easy to maneuver in and keep them warm. One-piece suits were very popular in the ’70s, but didn’t offer the same range of motion that a two-piece suit offered, so many people switched. When many men started wearing their Carharts while riding, manufacturers took notice and began developing the one-piece snowmobile suits that are on the market now, offering better range of motion than their predecessors and keeping riders warmer than two-piece suits in windy riding conditions.

The most important thing to remember when outfitting all the members of your family is to purchase a snowmobile suit and not a ski suit. They’re made for two different sports with different needs. Buy the right suit for the right sport and the adults and kids in your family will be warm, comfortable and happy.

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