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How Do Electric Heated Snowmobile Helmets Work?

The right gear can make a big difference between a fun and safe ride versus a totally miserable and disastrous one! Your vision on the trail is an important safety factor, which is why heated snowmobile helmets with electric shields have become an increasingly popular option.

While some modular snowmobile helmets come equipped with an electric shield, a lightweight, carbon fiber helmet may not include the option. When you are comparing helmets, make sure to note whether the electric shield is included, or if you will need to purchase a kit at an additional cost.

How do electric snowmobile helmets work? It’s really quite simple. Think of it as the defrost feature that you use in your car during winter. They heat the shield, preventing moisture buildup (fog or ice) from your breath. No fogged up windows to draw pictures on while you’re riding!

There are two options for powering your shield. Some helmets have a battery pack that powers the heat for the shield. The preferable option is a helmet that offers the ability to wire it directly to your snowmobile’s accessory outlet. This allows for a more consistent source of power to the helmet.

When shopping for your helmet, you’ll want to investigate what accessory power options your particular snowmobile model offers. You’ll also want to look at what type of power connection the helmet includes and check to make sure that it is compatible with your sled.

The wire used to connect your helmet to snowmobile is very similar to an RCA cable used for home electronics. Its single-cable design allows for easy connection and disconnection. This is especially helpful since you’ll most likely be connecting and disconnecting while wearing thick gloves. No fine motor skills necessary!

Your head is your number one asset. Keep it well protected while you ride and free of visual impairments. It can be well worth the extra cost.

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