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4 Things to Look for When Selecting Snowmobile Clothes

Snowmobile? Check. Snowmobile helmet? Check. Waterproof, insulated, breathable, durable snowmobile clothes? Hmm, not so much.

Of course you need a snowmobile that’s in proper working order, not only to enjoy the mountain trails, but one that won’t break down and leave you stranded miles away from your vehicle. And a comfortable, durable helmet isn’t an option either, especially if you’re racing your snowmobile. It could save your life in the event of an accident. Proper fit and solid construction are critical. (Check out our Helmet Sizing Chart to find your perfect fit.)

But how many times have you or someone you know gone out on the trails without the proper snowmobile racing clothes? It’s OK, admit it—you’ve come back from a ride or two with wet feet or cold hands. The good news? You never have to be cold or uncomfortable on a trail ride again if you consider these four elements to choose right clothes snowmobile enthusiasts need.

1) Staying Dry: Keep the Elements at Bay

This one should be a no-brainer, but not all discount snowmobile clothes are created equal. For an article of clothing to be deemed waterproof, manufacturers employ independent or rely on in-house laboratories to test the fabric to determine its level of water resistance.

Usually expressed in millimeters, the level of waterproofing increases the higher the rating. So if a pair of snowmobile gloves for racing is rated at 20,000 mm, it means they are rainproof and waterproof under very high pressure, or in practical terms, in heavy rain and wet snow.

2) Staying Dry, Part 2: Keep Sweat Away

Directly related to waterproof clothes, snowmobile riders also rely on the breathability of the fabric they’re made with to keep them dry on a ride. No matter how cold the temperature is outside, you’re sure to perspire on a snowmobile ride, especially if you’re racing. The question is, will your snowmobile gear trap that moisture or wick it away? This can mean the difference between staying warm and a chill setting in.

The breathable, moisture-wicking layer of fabric used in snowmobile clothes essentially acts as a conduit to pass perspiration out through the snowmobile pants or jacket. And remember that not all discount snowmobile clothes are created equal. At Up North Sports we discount the top brands so you can count on not only breathability, but overall quality as well.

3) Staying Warm at High Velocity

Proper insulation is the key to staying warm on the trails. Without the proper snowmobile racing clothes, such as insulated gloves and socks, extremities can quickly turn cold, ruining an otherwise perfect snowmobile ride.

The level of insulation in snowmobile clothes is expressed in grams, with the higher the number directly correlating to the level of expected warmth. For example, the FXR Attack Insulated Glove features a 150g of Thinsulate™ in the back of hand and thumb areas, and a 100g in palm area—just where you need it when operating a snowmobile for extended periods of time.

4) Staying Power that Outlasts the Season

Perhaps the most important aspect of your snowmobile clothing should be how long it will last. Shelling out money for product that won’t even make it through a season is something nobody wants—and we couldn’t agree more!

That’s why we use what we sell. We know every glove, every jacket, every pair of socks—all of our discount snowmobile clothes—will keep you warm, dry and comfortable on your next snowmobile adventure.

Now is the time to gear up for the winter season with all the right snowmobile clothes you’ll need for a day on the trails.

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