3 Reasons to Choose a KLIM Suit for Your Snowmobile Adventures

With a brand known for quality like KLIM, you really can’t go wrong with any of their products. KLIM’s snow suits are no different. It’s one of the reasons we carry and recommend them to riders. While choosing a suit is a very personal experience and riders are often swayed by style or features of a particular suit, there are three key benefits that make choosing a KLIM suit a no-brainer.

Why Choose a KLIM Suit?

Klim suitLet’s face it, when you’re out on the trail, you want to stay dry. Nothing ruins an adventure faster than being wet, and when snowmobiling wet, you’re most likely freezing cold, too. No fun! Staying dry is not only essential to your comfort while riding, but also your health. But as important as staying dry is, you also don’t want to feel like you’re contained in a non-breathable plastic bag.

GORE-TEX is the best product on the market to provide you with a waterproof snow suit that is breathable, comfortable and durable, which is why KLIM uses it exclusively.

2. KLIM’s Warranty
Nothing’s worse than buying new gear and getting out on your first ride only to discover it’s leaking from a manufacturer defect. KLIM offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, covering manufacturing and material defects for the life of your product. If a manufacturing or material defect is found, KLIM will either repair or replace your item free of charge.

Don’t forget to inspect your item when your order arrives. If there’s an issue, you may return any unused item(s) within 45 days to Up North Sports for an exchange or refund.

3. Comfort Mapping and Zonal Technology
KLIM’s Comfort Mapping and Zonal Technology help keep the hot areas of your body cooler and cold areas of your body warmer during your ride for better overall comfort.

KLIM Valdez ParkaThe GORE-TEX laminate layer is usually the innermost layer of gear that is right next to a rider’s body. Comfort Mapping adds materials to the GORE-TEX laminate to help control heat loss and breathability, making your ride more comfortable. KLIM’s engineers have custom tuned garments implementing Comfort Mapping in areas where you want maximum breathability, like underams and your lower back. KLIM’s Valdez Parka is the only piece you’ll find in snowmobiling taking advantage of Comfort Mapping technology.

Adding breathability is great, but often you want to keep the heat in while you’re riding on a chilly winter day. Just like certain areas of the body are likely to produce more heat like the underarms, other areas of the body, like the chest, will take a full frontal beating on a frigid ride. That’s where KLIM’s Zonal Technology comes into play. KLIM’s engineers take into account these zones when designing gear and can alter the type and amount of insulation based on these zones to provide you with a more comfortable experience. You will notice a significant comfort difference in a suit using Zonal Technology versus one using uniform insulation.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose a KLIM jacket and bib or pant to create the perfect snowmobile suit. They also have many great looking options and additional features to meet all riders’ needs.

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