What’s Old Is New Again: The Allure of Vintage Snowmobiles

These days, snowmobiling is a sport that attracts all kinds of people. Whether you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to enjoy the snow, or you love the freedom that a snowmobile offers, this is one activity that’s all about fun and thrills. While it’s nice to have a brand-new snowmobile off … [Read more...]

Ice Fishing Basics to Keep Your Bucket Filled on the Lake

With the right cold-weather clothing and equipment, time spent ice fishing with friends can be quite enjoyable. While some might think you’re crazy, they don’t know the serene beauty and stillness of a quiet frozen lake or the satisfaction of finally pulling your prize catch out of the hole. We … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Ultimate Used Snowmobile

As the cold weather approaches, it’s time to nail down your winter ride. If a new snowmobile is a little too rich for your blood, you may consider purchasing a used sled. This can be a great way to get your braap on without breaking the bank. But of course, you must proceed with caution. Much … [Read more...]

Megan Render: For Love of the Climb

When 4-year-old Megan MacDougall climbed onto a snowmobile for the first time, she never thought she would be the first woman to climb some of the biggest chutes in Revelstoke, B.C. Or that she would be sought after by filmmakers and some of the biggest brands in snowmobiling. Or that she would be … [Read more...]

How to Prepare Your Snowmobile for Summer Storage

Please, don’t kill the messenger. After all, you knew this day was coming. It’s almost May. It’s time to put your sled away until next year. via GIPHY We know, we know. But your snowmobile will be back to braaap another day…provided you store it away properly now. You could have your … [Read more...]

How You Can Score Castle X Snowmobile Jackets at Clearance Prices

Even though we’re headed into warmer weather, it’s always a good idea to inventory your snowmobile gear and clothing to see which items still have some life in them, and which things have seen better days. This goes for both snowmobile equipment, such as shocks, spark plugs and windshields, and … [Read more...]

How Do Electric Heated Snowmobile Helmets Work?

The right gear can make a big difference between a fun and safe ride versus a totally miserable and disastrous one! Your vision on the trail is an important safety factor, which is why heated snowmobile helmets with electric shields have become an increasingly popular option. While some modular … [Read more...]

Consider the Lewis County, NY, Area for Your Next Snowmobiling Adventure

With over 500 miles of groomed trails and over 200 inches of snow annually, Lewis County, New York, is the place for winter enthusiasts! Lake-effect snowstorms cover the area in a canvas of white, waiting to capture the traces of your winter adventure. The Tug Hill Region Most of the snowmobiling … [Read more...]

Why You Should Consider Heated Snowmobile Gloves

Beyond the obvious—your hands can’t help but stay warm with battery-operated, thermal heat built in—there are other advantages to choosing heated snowmobile gloves. From the design of the finger portion to the choice of materials, these gloves are made for long days of tackling the mountain or … [Read more...]

Are Your Snowmobile Pants Waterproof?

Finding just the right pair of snowmobile pants can be tough. Choose wrong, and you’re faced with a wet, disappointing snowmobile outing. But if you choose wisely, you’ll be well on your way to a pair of warm, comfortable pants that will keep your legs dry and see you through hours of … [Read more...]

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